FAQ for massages

How will I make a booking for a massage?

You can fill our form at Book now or send us an email at hello@rocksarihierontapalvelut.fi. We cannot answer phone calls during treatments so easier way is to contact us this way.

What if I want some speacial arrangements?

Just email us at hello@rocksarihierontapalvelut.fi and we will figure it out!

I sent an booking request but you haven't answered us

At times our team is quite busy with massages. We will get back to you as soon as possible. We might be fully booked for couple days ahead so the earlier you book, most likely we can arrange your massage.

What is the cancellation policy for massages?

Cancellations has to happen 24h before the appointment. Read more from Cancellation policy.

Do you do erotic massages?

Strictly no. We are professionals with multiple talents at relaxing muscles and helping with pain. We use different techniques which our staff has learnt through professional education. Any erotic booking requests will be ignored. Also erotic suggestions to our staff will lead to a police report.

Where is Rocksari Massage Services located? Any parking spaces nearby?

We are located in the center of Rovaniemi at the address Koskikatu 20 C. Entrance is behind the building. Press the button number 8 and we will open the front door for you 5-10mins before your appointment.

Usually people leave their cars to one of the shopping center's parking lot. There is also chargeable parking in Rovakatu. You can pay the parking fee with mobile apps or coins.

How do I dress up for the massage?

You can always come to a massage as you are! Straight from work or from happenings. Most people like to dress up casual or with laid-back style. We will ask you to undress and you will never be fully naked at the massage. We always cover the area's we are not massaging with towels.

Do you do massages at hotel room?

We will do massages at hotel room if we have free slots in our timetables. These you have to book quite early since it takes some arrangements from us to do that. We will also add extra charges to prices because of the transportation and time. Contact us at Book now or send us and email at hello@rocksarihierontapalvelut.fi and let's figure it out!

Can I stop by at the office to book an appointment?

The office is open only by reservations so please contact us through email or the form.