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Pic: Suvituuli Mursu
Pic: Suvituuli Mursu


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Licensed Massage Therapist Specialist

I am a licensed masseuse Sari Kallio. I started my studies in 2019 at Vuokatti Sport Academy and graduated in December 2020. Almost straight from there, I started to study for specialist title at Lapland Vocational School and graduated in the spring of 2022. After all this time my field of interest has become definitely occlusal muscle relaxation and pain relief.

As a masseuse I am only at the beginning of my journey but the excitement and want-to-learn attitude keeps me going. In my opinion a massage therapist can never say that everything is seen in this field. There's always something you can study and learn. My goal is to help people find ways to relax and if possible relief some pain.

My free time I spend with my hobbies and my dear dog. You can also find me doing swimming, air acrobatics, kayaking, fishing and general training! Adventure, cottage life and being around nature is key points in my life. On the other hand you can find me watching series under the blanket. I love the versatile of life!

I am super happy if you decide to come to Rocksari Massage Services. Email or text us and let's see what our team can do for your wellness! :)


Licensed Massage Therapist Specialist

Sports Massage Therapist